We are Bleuete Experience and our moms say we make the best and most beautiful wedding videos ever. We basically film what makes us happy, which is essentially to live. Each one of us started with personal projects in design, photography and audio visual, gathering crucial experience and carving out unique styles that are evident in our combined work at Bleuete Experience. We enjoy summer, the smell of pinewood, saltwater…and as such love beach weddings, mountain weddings, and weddings that nobody could have imagined becoming a reality.

We know we can’t cater to everyone’s tastes. Our couples don’t dream of pink hearts and unicorns. They have an authentic, passionate love story to convey. We film weddings with character, brides and grooms that know what they want and don’t take the risk of just “seeing what will happen”. We like couples that know who we are and what we do, that know beforehand that our film and photographs are exactly what they want.

We are characterized by the fact that we’re not accustomed to generating moments in a wedding by asking for specific poses here and there, or a “smile for the camera!” or even a “come together all the family!” when there are relatives that may not want to appear in front of a camera at that precise moment. As we’ve said before, we have a close relationship with nature; we have grown up with it and as such want to transmit that nature in all of our weddings. We like informal just as much as elegant, we like an
unbuttoned shirt and messy hair, we like brides with a care-free attitude towards their outfit, we like people that want to be interviewed with one or five beers because at the end of the day we want to portray the natural side of the moment; capturing what is
happening and not what we want to happen.