¿How far in advance do you need to book?

Once you’re sure that you want us to be your filmmakers, the best thing to do is book as soon as possible – not just to avoid clashing dates with other couples, but also to allow us time to visualize and construct your story.

¿What about if we are getting married abroad?

We’ve had many people coming from many different countries to the Mediterranean. Weddings in Ibiza and Formentera are being pretty popular lately. A wedding video process when couples abroad hire us is quite simple; A couple of mail and a Skype call should be enough to draw the main idea. Everything else comes right before the wedding so guys, no stress.

¿How many people will film the wedding and how will you do it?

In theory, we are two filmmakers. However, depending on the number of guests we can be three or even four. This allows us to get a cinematic look by capturing different angles.

We use the latest cameras on the market, but are careful that they’re not too big so as to impose on you or your guests.

We also have a drone and an AESA-certified pilot available to give that extra cinematic touch if necessary.

¿When do we start and when do we finish?

This is something you won’t have to worry about – we will start from the word go and finish the moment that we believe that the material is 100% captured. If the wedding goes on longer than expected, no rush, we grab a drink and we get into the party mood.

¿What happens if we don’t like one/some of the shots in the film?

Every wedding we shoot, we record a lot of material. Naturally, there’ll will be some clips that, for whatever reason, you don’t think are suitable to include. In this case, provided the principal structure of the film remains unaffected, they can be changed at no additional cost.

¿Who chooses the music for the video?

We are always open to suggestions. Typically we take charge of the music selection since we have experience fitting particular themes and scenes with suitable soundtracks. Having said this, any kind of musical input by you will certainly be taken into account.

¿How long will it take for the work to be delivered and in what format will it be?

The final video will be delivered online and offline. It will be sent by both email and in physical format. The physical format consists of a sturdy box made from pine wood with a magnetic clasp – each uniquely hand-crafted by us for you.

All films are delivered within a maximum period of 60 working days.  

¿What if our family home is not big and grand enough for the film?

Don’t worry about the material filmed before the ceremony. We don’t all live in grand, stylish homes and we’re aware of that. We specialize in capturing those loving interactions and beautiful moments that are, ultimately, those we want to cherish long after the day.

We recommend that you chat with your parents prior to the event to let them know there is absolutely nothing to worry about, that we will look after everything and there is nothing to fear.

¿Any there any additional charges?

We will provide you with a full breakdown of the costs. Under no circumstances will there be additional costs once the contract has been signed.

And most importantly: how much will your wedding cost and how can you pay?

The first question we can negotiate over the phone and via email. We want to be transparent from the start so depending of your needs, we’ll be as much accurate as we can.

A 50% deposit is required once the date is booked and contract signed. But don’t worry – we’re well aware of the costs that can build for a wedding, and so we offer different payment plans to enable the financing of your dream wedding video.

We know that it’s a very special day and you’re looking for someone to create a special way to remember it. Please get in touch with any questions or doubts that you may have regarding our work. Within 24 hours you will have an answer.